Friday, May 25, 2012

Solar power mounting: a quality product

Solar power mounting systems are a specialty of American Precision Solar professionals, who have more than 80 years of engineering and design experience. Our mounting systems house solar panels on roofs and on the ground, depending on where customers want them to be installed.

The panels on the roof sit in solar brackets, which are created from Galvalume parts. The mounts provide pre-fabricated photovoltaic (PV) solutions for homes and businesses. PV technology converts light energy into electrical energy, so they are created to take in as much sunlight as possible.

The other option we offer customers is solar power mounting systems for the ground. These mounting systems are also PV solutions and come pre-made. The brackets for the mounts are made from galvanized material that is strong and durable.

Solar power mounting is an affordable and effective method of mounting panels for your home or business. The mounts are made to withstand any weather conditions that may occur.  Our mounting systems also give our customers the opportunity to tilt the mounts for the panels in any direction they wish.

If you are interested in solar power mounting solutions for your home or office building, call us today at 1 (732) 356-4306, and get your free quote today!


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