Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NJ Commercial Solar Installation

What is solar power? What is renewable energy?
Solar power is the exchange of sunlight into electricity.  This happens either directly using photovoltaics (PV) or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP).  CSP systems use lenses/mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam.  PV creates electric currents from light using the photoelectric effect.  Renewable energy is simply energy coming from natural resources, like sunlight, wind and rain.  Unlike coal, gas or batteries, these energy sources are naturally replenishing and environmentally friendlier, causing fewer and often no toxins at all.  NJ commercial solar installation is a money-saving source of eco-friendly energy that many businesses are starting to turn to.

Why isn't your business using renewable energy?
Solar panel installation on a large scale for businesses is an energy source that pays for itself.  Renewable energy has never been more economically viable and attractive to mainstream American business.  Using the right installation company can mean large commercial PV plants easily installed and not too expensive to install.  Solar installation offers innovative onsite power solutions so that businesses can control costs, save energy and generate an excellent return on investment.  For commercial, industrial and institutional facilities renewable energy systems can be one of the best business investments.  New Jersey offers excellent grants and other rebates to businesses who use NJ commercial solar installation as a source of energy.  State rebates can pay for up to 50% of the installation costs, and federal incenstives can add up to another 30% off.

American Precision is a NJ commercial solar installation company that designs and manufactures roof and ground mounted systems for commercial and utility-scale installations, supporting modules from nearly every photovoltaic manufacturer.

Solar Installation - Rooftop Mounting Installation
The assembled solar racking systems designed, manufactured and shipped here in New Jersey have saved up to 45% on installation time.  These systems are used for both roof and ground projects and are non-penetrating.  All of American Precision's racking systems have been wind tested up to 120 mph and in all cases have remained stable.  All systems manufactured by American Precision take advantage of the improved galvalume which was designed for the metal roofing industry over 40 years ago.